2019 kitchen trends forecast

By Kaboodle

Minimalist interiors, outdoor inspired escapes and large islands are just some of the kitchen trends you’ll see in 2019!

Large white kitchen island with dark benchtop
Larger islands will help to improve home storage.

Our kitchen trend forecast is in and it’s time for us to share our predictions for 2019. Get ready to find new ways to bring the outside in, live a more simplistic and balanced life and challenge the status quo on traditional kitchen styles. Check out our 6 key trends below!

minimalist interior with cool grey tones
Cool grey tones will add balance in the kitchen.

Minimalist interiors

2019 is all about going back to basics and shedding any excess or unnecessary items in our lives.  We are already doing this with our health and wellbeing and it’s time we extended this into our interior spaces. We will start decluttering our cabinets and removing items from our benchtops, to create a sense of balance and calmness in our kitchens.  Full wall cabinetry will help to keep a minimalist aesthetic and we will start to see the extension of the kitchen cabinetry into dining and living spaces, leaving a streamlined and seamless kitchen that is calming to the eye. Colour will also play a major role in this space, focusing on both cool-tone, soothing colours like greys, as well as bold matt blacks (after all, black is the new white). 

rich shade of green for this wall and sofa
Bring the outdoors in with rich shades of green!

Environmental hues

Get ready everyone, we’re bringing the outdoors in—something we’ve been doing in Australia for a while now! Edible indoor vertical gardens and benchtop planters will make their way into our kitchens, as we look for more natural elements in our lives at home. Paired with these natural elements, bold earthy tones will also start to show up in cabinet door colours. Rich shades of green, deep blues and dusty greys will make a statement in any home and will also provide that calming natural element that we are forever searching for.

Dark matt benchtop with lemons in a bowl
Matt surfaces will become soft-to-touch.

Sensory experiences

Matt surfaces have been trending for a few years now and we don’t see this going anywhere soon. Rather, the sensory elements of matt finishes are evolving by aesthetic and touch.  Leading into 2019, matt surfaces will be soft-to-touch aligning with our expectation of their feel, textured timber grains will highlight natural knots and feel rough around the edges. We will certainly be exposed to a full sensory experience in the kitchen!

cuttlery draw insert full of utensils
Simplify your kitchen with kitchen accessories!

The simple life

In this digital age we want and expect everything to happen with the click, or touch, of our fingers, and you guessed it, we now want this in the kitchen! With a growing number of people opting for pre-prepared meals, and with our lives getting busier and busier, we are starting to expect everything to have an instantaneous shortcut—this is where kitchen accessories come in to play. Kitchen accessories are becoming highly demanded items for each household, to assist with our ease of living. Accessories that make life easier in a small kitchen and help minimise clutter are becoming features of the kitchen in their own right. Pullout pantries are still a major trend next season, making everything easily accessible. Cutlery and utensil inserts are also on our trends list, as they give all your utensils a place to live and help to keep your drawers organised at all times—ultimately keeping those items off your benchtops!

textured surface trending with concrete and stone
Embrace the imperfection of textured surfaces!

Industrial chic

Think blue, metals, concretes and stone! All of these elements have been evolving trends in the interior space for the last few years, however next year will see them brought to life in new ways. The flaws of these materials will act as a feature; recycled antique kitchen fittings like taps, sinks and handles will formulate the focal point in the kitchen. Concrete and stone will extend beyond flooring and benchtops and into cabinetry, bringing a natural yet elegant component to the space. The key tip here is to embrace the industrial style… imperfections and all!

Large islands

What better way to make a statement in your kitchen than with your island bench?! The rise of the super island is on its way providing extra storage space, as well as acting as a central meeting point in a kitchen. Think long and wide with double the amount of cabinet space, which will not only improve storage but will also provide larger working areas and gathering points in the kitchen! Interestingly, these islands won’t always accommodate a traditional seating arrangement, they will more so act as the gathering point in the kitchen.

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