5 ways to add a touch of spring to your kitchen

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Spring is finally here and it's time to make the most of it and start fresh!

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5 ways to add a touch of spring to your kitchen


Whether you’re picking out flowers from your local florist, or picking them out of your garden, there’s no denying that these beautiful springtime creatures radiate life into the kitchen. Why not spoil yourself or surprise a friend with a bundle of beauty.  

Give your fridge the ultimate clean (inside and outside!)

First, start by discarding any food that’s gone bad. Take out everything, shelf by shelf, to make room for cleaning each compartment of your fridge. Wipe away any food particles and dirty spots. Now you can think about whether you want to reorganise your fresh groceries to make the most of your fridge space.

Throw out any expired food in your pantry and reorganise

Bin all expired food products pronto – and anything half opened that you don’t plan on returning to! You can have a whole lot of fun with throwing out the old and making way for the new. Think about grouping similar items together, i.e. pasta with pasta sauce, tea with sugar.

Focus on the fine details

Bring on the spring-themed tea towels, tablecloths and decorative pieces in your kitchen and surrounds. Tweaking the fine details in your kitchen will make your space pop.

Wash your bin

It’s crazy to think that people really don’t do this as much as they should. If you have an internal bin within your cabinet, it might be easier to just remove each bin, add some soap and hose down any gunk sitting at the bottom of your bins. If your bins aren’t as dirty then you could get away with the old-fashioned spray and wipe solution. Just make sure some kind of bin cleaning happens.

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