Adjusting door hinges

By Kaboodle

Learn how to adjust the hinges on your kaboodle kitchen doors so you end up with a perfectly finished kitchen. Remember, it's the little finishing details that make the biggest difference!

kaboodle flat pack kitchens door hinges
Adjusting door hinges.

Once you have installed your kitchen you may notice your doors aren’t sitting quite flush. Nine times out of ten the reason for this is that you need to adjust your hinges.

Adjusting hinges is quite simple really…

Turning the screws on the hinge and hinge plate will help you to even your door up with the cabinet.

Use the front screw on the hinge to move the door left or right and use the back screw on the hinge to move the door in or out. 

For example, if you want to close a gap or create a wider gap between the door and the cabinet then turn the screw on the hinges clockwise or anti-clockwise.

If you want to move your door up and down then loosen the screws on the hinge plate, move your door into place and then re-tighten the screws.

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