Dark and inky colour palettes

By Kaboodle

A huge trend emerging at the moment is for dark, inky hues and moody colour palettes.

Dark and inky colour palettes.

Milan Design Week and Eurocucina 2016 showed us kitchen after kitchen dominated by black, charcoal, espresso woodgrains and midnight blues.

There are two major ways inky colour palettes are being used in interior design:

The first is where deep colours are used as neutrals and backdrops, encouraging brighter colours within the room to really pop. Or otherwise, an entire palette of dark shades are used, providing a rich and dramatic ambiance. 

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Navy blue in particular has been growing in momentum over the last year or so as a stylish alternative to black or charcoal. As you’re flicking through design magazines, keep your eyes peeled for dark blue being used as the backdrop for interior styling and photoshoots – it looks great!

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