How to create a minimalist kitchen in 5 easy steps

By Kaboodle

Here are our 5 tips to help you transform your kitchen into a minimalist space!

flat pack kitchens design blog  - how to get a minimalist kitchen in 5 easy ways
Minimalist charm.

There’s a lot of hype around building a minimalist home to avoid the unnecessary accumulation of objects and junk.

Plenty of things tend to be left on the kitchen bench... so it’s easy to fall into the trap of having things that you really don’t need on display for all to see!

Stick with kitchen essentials

Start by removing any unnecessary utensils and items from your kitchen pronto! If you want to achieve all things minimalism in your kitchen then stick with essential kitchen goods only. Some of these include timber cutting boards, a decent set of knives, mixing bowls and measuring cups. A 10-year-old salad bowl that hasn’t seen the light of day in a good 5 years doesn't count!


Get ruthless and sell, recycle or give away anything you don’t use on a regular basis. This includes any of those nonessential items, old cookbooks, homewares, or anything cluttering your kitchen and surrounding space. 

kaboodle diy kitchens design blog   - how to create a minimalist kitchen in 5 easy ways
Clever storage solutions are an absolute must!

Storage solutions

If you think you're completely and utterly maximising on your kitchen’s storage space then think again! Assess your organisation system – by all means; try and prove yourself wrong, and take note of what’s working and what’s not working inside your kitchen cabinets. Does your kitchen have an easy to understand label system in place? When you look inside your pantry cabinet, can you clearly see all of your groceries? Think jars with labels, wire baskets, integrated waste bins and specific placement. If you’ve got a blind corner cabinet in your kitchen, have a real think about storing seasonal items or pieces that aren’t used on a regular basis at the back of this cabinet.


For a minimalist design to work, you’re going to want to stick to a neutral colour scheme with discreet looking accessories and fittings. Don’t try and overcomplicate things, think S-I-M-P-L-E. Also note: a minimalist kitchen doesn’t mean a ‘boring’ kitchen. Have fun, get creative and think clean lines and mixed textures – all in a very minimalist manner of course. 

Open plan

Hard to achieve for some but we’re going to put it out there…open plan surrounds. Can you knock down a non-load bearing wall? Can you knock down a structural wall (with the assistance of fully qualified professionals of course)? What can you do to extend the vibe of your kitchen out into the next room? Can you move the dining table around, can you get rid of void furniture that really isn’t adding any value to your space?

Have your plan of attack ready and don’t be afraid to have a play around with your existing space. Organisation and minimalism can be a really fun thing to incorporate into your kitchen and will add flow to your environment.

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