kaboodle hack: benchtop shelves

By Kaboodle

If you prefer open shelving to cabinets with doors on your kitchen walls, using a kaboodle benchtop to fabricate your shelves can add a great uniform feel to your kitchen!

flat pack kitchens design blog - using timber or bamboo benchtops to create shelves
Use a kaboodle benchtop to make kitchen shelves with wow factor.

Our range of timber and bamboo benchtops are ideal for this use as well as our double laminate cut and butt benchtops.

This is also an excellent use for any off-cuts that you may have after installing your benchtop.

How to do it yourself

To re-purpose a benchtop for wall shelving you simply cut the benchtop down to your desired depth, then cut again into the lengths required. You will need to finish and seal any timber or bamboo shelf as you would your timber or bamboo benchtop. If you're using a laminate benchtop for your shelves, you will need to order excess edging strips and use these strips to cap off any exposed edges that you have cut down.

You can then mount your shelving to the wall using the wall brackets or shelf hardware of your choice.

CAUTION: Make sure that you follow the instructions provided with your wall hardware precisely, and that any weight limits are considered with the shelves loaded – not simply the shelf weight on its own.

DIY level - Intermediate

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