kaboodle hack: end panel shelves

By Kaboodle

Having open wall shelves in your kaboodle kitchen is a great way to open up spaces that feel small and cramped, or simply show off all your prized kitchenware.

kitchen end panel shelves
Get the open wall shelves look in your kaboodle kitchen.

Using kaboodle end panels to fabricate these shelves is even better as it allows the open shelves to blend seamlessly with your wall and base cabinets while still keeping things out in the open.

The kaboodle wall end panel, and kaboodle slimline end panel are ideal for this use, as they are made to fit our wall cabinets and as such are an ideal depth for an open wall shelf.

How to do it yourself

The shelves shown here were constructed using 2 wall end panels on either side, a solid back cut out of a base end panel, and 3 horizontal shelves – also cut out of wall end panels. Because neither side of the shelf was visible the construction was quite easy, simply pre-drilling, then gluing and screwing the side panels onto the back and shelves. The shelf was mounted to the wall following the wall cabinet fixing method shown in our wall cabinet instructions.

If either end of the shelf was visible, internal fasteners such as biscuits or dowels would need to be used. A doweling jig (available at Bunnings) is a handy tool for creating this sort of joint.

DIY level - Intermediate

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