kaboodle hack: inset cabinets

By Kaboodle

Follow these easy steps to design a kitchen with this trendy inset wall cabinet feature.

kaboodle hack: inset Cabinets

Inset cabinets are a hot trend right now, adding depth and layering to kitchen designs. Follow these easy steps to design a kitchen with this trendy wall cabinet feature.

What You Need?

  • Slimline Cabinets
  • Double sided multi-purpose panels cut to your desired depth and length in your choice of colour
  • Doors and handles to your taste
  • End panels (if required)

How to Hack It?

  1. Attach lower slimline cabinets (a) to the wall so the bottom of the slimline sits at 740mm down from the top of the pantry end panel (b), or at your desired height.
  2. Install the double-sided multi-purpose panel (c) so the front edge sits to the desired depth of your top layer of cabinets.
  3. From this nominated front edge, measure back and mark 320mm. This is where the back of your slimline cabinets (d) will sit. Then, measure the distance from this mark to the wall (x) of which  you will need to construct a frame or box so the back of the slimline cabinets (d) are supported.
  4. Fix the frame / box to the wall then install the slimline (e) to sit flush with the panel, and fix to the box/frame behind.
  5. Install the slimline cabinet door and handles, and finish off with end panels if required.

Inset Cabinets

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