kaboodle hack: open base cabinet made from end panels and kickboards

By Kaboodle

When you’ve got a not-so-standard space to fill, why not create your own open base cabinet with our end panels and kickboards.

kaboodle hack - open base cabinet.

What if we told you there was another way to fill your kitchen voids. A base cabinet alternative even! Small kitchens in particular, tend to have odd spaces to fill. This is usually where our filler panels come into the picture.

Using kaboodle end panels to create an open base cabinet could work wonders in your space.

Open cabinets are great for easy access items, and add depth to your kitchen. Because you’ll be constructing these to size, you can also choose the width that works for your space.

How to do it yourself

The kaboodle base end panel is ideal for this kind of creation, as it is made to fit our base cabinets – making them the ideal depth. You might want to consider using a wall panel instead for smaller widths, to shorten the depth of the cabinet. This will make it easier to grab items out of the cabinet.

The open cabinets shown here were constructed using 2 base end panels on either side (cut down slightly to allow for the kickboard), a solid back cut out of a kickboard panel, and 3 horizontal shelves – also cut out of kickboard panels. Because neither side of the shelf was visible, the construction was quite easy. Simple pre-drilling, then glueing and screwing the side panels onto the back and shelves. Adjustable feet were screwed into the bottom of these open cabinets for stability.

If either end of the shelf was visible, internal fasteners such as biscuits or dowels would need to be used. A doweling jig (available at Bunnings) is a handy tool for creating this sort of joint.

DIY level - Intermediate

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