kaboodle hack: pantry drawers

By Kaboodle

Prefer the look of drawers but need the storage space only a pantry can provide?

Get the drawer look with the space of a pantry with our kaboodle kitchen hack.

Using our kaboodle metal sided drawers you can build a 900 pantry with drawers at the bottom and half height pantry doors above.

The pantry drawers not only provide functional and easy access storage, but they also look great, particularly if they are part of a longer run of drawer cabinets.

How to do it yourself

To achieve this look you will need:

  • A 900mm pantry
  • Either a 900mm 3 drawer or 900mm 2 drawer panel pack
  • A combination of metal sided pot and cutlery drawers to suit your panel pack
  • A 900mm medium pantry door pack

Simply install the 900mm pantry carcass into your kitchen as per standard instructions, then install your preferred combination of metal sided pot and metal sided cutlery drawers following the instructions provided with each, and available here. Your chosen drawer panel pack is mounted according to instructions included with the metal sided drawers, and the pantry doors according to the instructions included in the box. Easy as!

DIY level – Beginner

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