kaboodle hack: table feature

By Kaboodle

Get creative with our benchtops and start incorporating different elements into your space!

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Incorporate a breakfast bar or dinning table in your kaboodle kitchen!

Incorporating a breakfast bar or dining table into your kaboodle kitchen can be a great feature when designing for a large space or open plan living area. When executed well they can also provide a real wow factor and focal point to your kitchen.

Features such as waterfall ends, split levels benchtops and overhangs not only add a touch of the spectacular but can be important functional elements of your kitchen. Think about the way your kitchen and particularly your bench surfaces will be used, and find the solution that is perfect for you.

How to do it yourself

The bench shown is a 900mm wide benchtop which has had one corner carefully measured and cut out. The cut section was used to create a floating wall shelf. The bench was then given a waterfall end on each side to act as legs and support its weight, and screwed onto the kitchen island from the inside of the island cabinets. This gives the bench the eye-popping appearance of sitting halfway through the kitchen island while still providing a functional bench to eat at.

DIY level - Advanced

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