Kitchen lighting elements

By Kaboodle

There are three types of different lighting elements to consider when you’re planning your brand new kitchen.

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Lighting plays a big role in your kitchen, make sure you're down with the fundamentals.

Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the all-purpose lighting responsible for illuminating your room and bringing it to life. It’s intended to provide an equal amount of light throughout any space – making it the most important element of lighting for you to consider. 

Task lighting

Task lighting is all about targeting any specific areas where extra lighting is needed. This could be any close up preparation space above the counters, or even over the sink. Task lighting can be achieved by placing lights directly above your working stations. 

Accent lighting

Accent lighting really is the final piece of the puzzle and highlights any special design features. This includes drawing attention to any special feature in your kitchen whether it be inside glass wall cabinets or even underneath benchtops to highlight open base cabinets. Think of accent lighting as your own personal spotlight…now what do you want to showcase in your kitchen?

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