Stack your slimlines

By Kaboodle

Our slimline wall cabinets can either run as singles or be doubled up to be the same height as standard wall cabinets…

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Stack your slimline for a sleek streamlined finish.

An easy way to modernise your kitchen space and extend your storage upwards is to stack slimline wall cabinets on top of one another.

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Use our slimline cabinets with our wall cabinets!

This not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also boosts your overall storage space, especially if you’ve got a higher ceiling to play with.

The great thing about our modular cabinets is that they can fit into any space, which means you can use a combination of both slimline wall cabinets and traditional wall cabinets in your design. Have a think about incorporating open shelves together with stacked slimline wall cabinets in your kitchen. 

You don’t have to stack slimlines exactly on top of one another for a perfect symmetrical row. If you’re willing to delve into something a little more creative, have a go at positioning your second row of slimline wall cabinets slightly off centre with the first row. This creates an asymmetrical sea of slimlines.

Happy designing!

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