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Keep up to date with the latest kitchen trends from around the world.

diy kitchens design blog - the latest kitchen trends in 2015 floating shelves
Showcase your kitchen goods by incorporating open shelves into your design.
diy kitchens design blog - the latest kitchen trends in 2015 patterned splashback tiles
Make your space pop by using small squared tiles!

Patterned splashback tiles

A splashback can add life to your kitchen and complement its design. Patterned splashback tiles have really made a comeback this year with herringbone being the latest trend. Subway tiles and squared tiles are also being widely used with black grout for a stylish contrast against traditional white cabinetry. 

Black and white appliances

Although stainless steel will always be a favourite, black and white appliances give your kitchen that extra bit of elegance and modern flair. These work best when used in a black and white or neutral coloured kitchen. 

Industrial appeal

Exposed beams and brick splashbacks are taking the world by storm when it comes to trending kitchen themes. These rustic charms add character to your space and look best in a contemporary style kitchen. 

Open plan design

The convenience of an open plan kitchen is endless! An open plan design leaves no room for isolation and ties your kitchen in with the rest of your home. It also extends your space by building depth to the overall design. 

diy kitchens design blog - the latest kitchen trends in 2015 bamboo benchtops
Our bamboo benchtops were used to make this table.

Copper and rose gold accents

These two exciting hues add an element of industrial elegance to your kitchen. They complement neutral shades and really come to life when incorporated with vibrant colours or timber textures. 

Open shelves

Open shelves are commonly used in all types of kitchen designs and are showcasing what was once left hidden in wall cabinets. They can be customised to suit the length and depth of your space, or even added onto your island breakfast bar! You can also create your own from any benchtop off cuts you end up with.

Natural timbers

The raw materials usually featured in country homes are now being used in modern designer kitchens, bringing forward a warm aesthetic. Textured timbers and wood-like finishes add a natural, earthy feel to any kitchen. 

The two-tone effect

The two-tone effect adds contrast and personality to your kitchen, especially when two polar opposite shades or textures are partnered together. Timber textures combined with darker shaded cabinets are right on trend and are also being used with gloss white cabinetry.  

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