The top 22 essentials for your kitchen

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Moving into a new home? Creating a new kitchen from scratch? It doesn’t matter either way! Here’s our list of the top 22 essentials you need in your kitchen.

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The top 22 essentials for your kitchen.

Let’s just start this off by saying, it’s all about having the right tools. Our carefully constructed list of kitchen essentials narrows down the absolute essential items needed in your space.

Great knives

You can go very far with a decent set of knives. When it comes to your set, make sure you’re thinking quality over quantity. One quality chef’s knife is better than five mediocre knives. Both a serrated bread knife and paring knife are essential to your set too.

Slow cooker

Whether you’re using a slow cooker to create the perfect roast, or simply love the convenience of throwing everything into the one pot overnight and returning 8 hours later–this item is key. And there are many slow cooker recipes available online for you to experiment with.   


You can get fancy with two sets of cutlery (one for everyday use and one for guests) but either way, a cutlery set is a necessity. Don't get carried away with things like an oyster spoon. 

Chopping boards

Get a few for your kitchen! You might be cooking up a storm and need to alternate between boards with certain food types (raw meat, juicy vegetables).


There really isn’t any need to describe why tongs are an absolute must. Perfect for serving meals and carefully moving food around – they are an essential utensil.


If you love your eggs, burgers, bacon or pancakes then you’ll be needing some sort of spatula in your kitchen.


For anyone that loves to cook, a whisk is a must have. It can be used for all sorts of recipes and it’s the last thing you want to be looking for mid-recipe.


All soup lovers unite and get yourself a ladle.


You don’t want to be asking yourself “what am I going to do without a grater”. Get yourself a grater–big or small–you need one.


For any potato fans, a peeler will be your life saver. You can also use a peeler for a variety of other vegetables too! 

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Dinner plate sets are a must!

Dinner plate set

What kind of kitchen doesn’t have a plate set?!

Can opener

Automatic or manual, they really are a time-saving utensil. If you don’t really used canned products, you might not need one but just ask yourself…do you really want to take that risk?

Measuring cups

To accurately measure quantities needed for a recipe, you’ll need a set of measuring cups. Or even one large cup with multiple measurements listed. Pyrex make a really great version of this.

Mixing bowls

Even if you’re not much of a baker, mixing bowls can be used to marinate meats, create savory concoctions or salads. Get yourself at least 5 bowls varying in size. Aluminium bowls are great too as they're easy to clean and stack on top of one another.  

Salad spinner

If you appreciate freshly cleaned salad as much as we do then a salad spinner will speed up your preparation time you want to prepare a leafy green salad.

Pots and pans 

Now, if you’re planning on doing any kind of cooking you will definitely need to get yourself a mid-range set of pots and pans. There are a variety of different sizes and finishes to suit all of your cooking needs no doubt–so make sure you are fully stocked up!

Oven dish

You can get ceramic or glass oven dishes from various outlets in all shapes and sizes. Get a few different types to make sure you’re covered for all meal requirements.


A strainer will help with your water removal from food needs.


Similar to a strainer, a colander will assist with the removal of water from your dishes–in particular, your pasta and veggies.  

Pan scraper

When you’re struggling in the kitchen and onto your last nerve trying to get any remaining food stuck off your pan, a pan scraper will be your best friend.


People need these to drink beverages.

Oven mitts

You need to protect your hands from any potential heat hazards, so we highly recommend oven mitts in your kitchen!

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