The top 4 ways to add a little boho into your kitchen

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Are you a lover of all things bohemian inspired?

flat pack kitchens design blog  - how to add a little boho into your kitchen
The top 4 ways to add a little boho into your kitchen.

The boho look is all about mix ‘n’ matching unique pieces together to create something meaningful, vibrant and magical. This nature-inspired trend is full of self-expression and creativity – it isn't your ordinary “flower power” look.

Start with colour

A true bohemian space captures colour in a meaningful way. Your options range from feature walls, dinner plates, surrounding furniture or even the kitchen itself! Think happy colours inspired by nature and then over exaggerate them.    

Connect with nature

Bring the outside, inside. As cliché as it sounds – it bears relevance here. Potted plants work great indoors, as do hanging plants in baskets. You could hang a couple of nature-inspired paintings or prints which will add to the ambience of your space. Rustic timber is also a winner here and there are plenty of ways to integrate this natural beauty into your space. A beautiful handmade timber dining table, rustic shelves or even your kitchen benchtop!   

flat pack kitchens design blog  - how to add a little boho into your kitchen coloured plates
Beautiful handmade plates are very boho!

Embrace patterns

Patterns are a big one when it comes to boho inspired interiors. Most commonly, patterned tiles are used to convey this look. They can be incorporated into a kitchen splashback or floor and tend to make quite the impact! If you aren’t that daring, have a look for handmade goods with unique coloured patterns. Specifically, keep an eye out for patterned tablecloths, vases, plates, candles and woven baskets.  

Create an organic mess

When we hear the term “natural chaos” we aren’t necessarily thrilled. Think more along the lines of “natural mess”. Things don’t have to be placed perfectly in one particular spot. Have some fun and move things around. Stack, layer, hang and get creative with your presentation to create more of a natural atmosphere in your kitchen and surrounds. 

Remember to stay true to your style and just enjoy the act of creating a beautiful space in your home. 

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