Top kitchen design trends in 2017

By Kaboodle

If you’re in the middle of planning your new kitchen, take your pick from what’s hot! You can tone up or tone down your kitchen based on these subtle and dramatic trends for 2017.

Top kitchen design trends in 2017!

As always; trends come and go. This year, we are holding onto some key features from the Milan design show in 2016. We are also taking on key influences throughout local and international interior design markets.


Variations of green shades are featured throughout kitchen designs, and in decorative pieces worldwide. The colour green adds an element of freshness and liveliness. This can translate into a few plants or herbs scattered around your kitchen. Deep green is also a colour to watch this year when it comes to cabinets. Royal green thrives when partnered with a marble or timber benchtop and gold accessories! 

Check out this rustic oven with exposed brick.

Modern farmhouse

A modern take on traditional, this rustic chic look first made an appearance in 2016. Kitchen cabinets play a big role, as does the general surrounding area of the kitchen. Instead of classic heritage doors, we’re more so talking about cleaner minimalist lines. Key style elements include exposed brick walls, patterned tiles, greenery, timber benchtops and stand-alone appliances.

Hideaway appliances

Contemporary minimalism is a style people tend to gravitate towards, due to its simplicity and timeless appeal. In 2017 people are taking this a step further by hiding away their appliances. We're talking dishwashers hidden behind cabinet doors, integrated fridges, microwaves and so much more! You’ll be surprised what you can do with a flat pack kitchen. Just as a waste bin can be concealed within a cabinet, so too can various appliances.   

Herringbone tiles come in a variety of sizes.

Patterned tiles

We saw patterned tiles take over the Milan design show in 2016 - showcasing a variety of colours. ​This year we'll be seeing more stand-out patterns and less traditional subway variations. We have also moved towards neutral and textured herringbone tiles.


There’s no denying it; technology is continuing to advance year by year. More people are integrating automated appliances and devices into their kitchen spaces. Things like motion detection lighting, tapware and cooking appliances have become quite the norm. There are even coffee makers and kettles you can control with the push of a button on your mobile phone. How’s that for a morning coffee!

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