Trends in kitchen design for 2020

By KaboodleStraight LineGalley

Exposed elements, broken-plan living and calming colour palettes are a few things that we will continue to see as we mature into a new era.

So, what will this year bring? We’ve kept a keen ear to the ground, and it seems like exposed shelving, metal accents, broken-plan living and calming colour palettes will take charge in the kitchen, and in other areas of the home. Take note!

Exposed Elements

Open shelving derived from metal accents and steel frames are being used as stylish storage solutions and design features in the kitchen - this is something we will continue to see in 2020. A simple solution that helps to give your kitchen the edge and point of difference you’ve been looking for. Box shelving units and benchtop planters are also being created out of these materials, adding greenery and light to the space, bringing the outdoors in.

Side note…connecting indoor and outdoor spaces is another trending element for interiors that seems to be here to stay. This touch of nature and introduction of environmental hues brings a sense of retreat and tranquillity to our busy and over-worked lives…something we all long for.

Image source: Norsu Home concept store (left)
Image source: (right)

Materials & Calming Interior Palettes

According to internationally renowned trend forecaster Scarlet Opus, when it comes to the materiality of interiors, the theme of ‘imperfect beauty’ is shining through, evoking a handmade approach with a luxurious attitude. Think timber (in all its natural rawness and beauty), concretes, metallics and exposed elements. In the kitchen, these applications are extending into benchtops and cabinetry too, bringing warmth, texture and tactility into the space.

Image source: (left)

Image source: (right)

A theme of ‘clarity’ has also been identified by the forecasters at Scarlet Opus – this trend embraces products that calm us and enrich our lives as we strive to make life simpler and more meaningful with a minimalist mindset. Like it or not, we’re part of an always-on, forever connected world. With a need to switch off and disconnect from our over-stimulated daily environment (consciously or subconsciously), we welcome neutral palettes that will bring softness and a sense of calm, with the Nordic approach to clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic continuing to be embraced. Yep, you guessed it, that ever-so-popular Instagram-friendly interior style is here to stay.  

Tip: You can punctuate calming and neutral schemes with an accent colour to inject personality, visual interest and ambience – a little moment of delight!

Pictured: kaboodle's terrazzola and biancoccino benchtops

Surface Sensations - Marble and Terrazzo

We might be living in the digital age…but we are still sensory beings with a need to surround ourselves with surfaces that evoke a tactile aesthetic. The look of marble and terrazzo surfaces are strong trends that we will continue to see in 2020. While both have been on the home décor scene for a while now, the beauty and textural quality have made these looks a popular choice for bringing interest into spaces. Incorporating these aesthetically popular surfaces in the kitchen with terrazzo and marble-inspired benchtops can up the ante in any kitchen space. 

Pictured: Kaboodle's coconut milk in j-pull profile, with enoki benchtops

Broken-plan Living

Is this the new open-plan way of living? Broken-plan living is about creating distinct zones within an area, allowing it to be multi-functional while also retaining that feeling of open space. Although this isn’t necessarily a new concept, it is something we should expect to see more and more of in the New Year. Think internal screens, shelving and storage units, and the creation of different layered levels, working to divide up a space.

Tip: Adding an extension to your kitchen benchtop or island is a great way to make the kitchen multi-functional, as the area can then be used for a dining table, extra storage or even a study nook creating different zones and layers in the one space.

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