What should you do with your kitchen packaging?

By Kaboodle

Kaboodle has implemented a number of measures to make sure that our packaging is almost fully recyclable. Here is how you can help.

During the installation stage, we recommend responsibly disposing of the packaging from your build, whether it’s cardboard from cabinets, plastic from tools or foam from appliances. By carefully disposing of your product packaging, you are contributing to a sustainable future – every little bit helps!  

At kaboodle, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future. We are proud that 99% of our packaging is completely recyclable, including replacing polystyrene with honeycomb cardboard. Help us reduce, reuse and recycle by following these steps:

look for the Australasian recycling label (ARL)

Used across Australia and New Zealand, the ARL label provides you with instructions on how to responsibly dispose of each component of your packaging. It removes confusion, saves you time and reduces waste going to landfill. For more information on the ARL label, visit www.arl.org.au.


Most cardboard packaging can be recycled through your kerbside bin. Check for the ARL label or with your local council if you’re unsure.

soft plastics

Many soft plastics (like bubble wrap) can be collected in a large, plastic bag and placed in a REDcycle drop off bin at supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths.

expanded polystyrene (EPS)

Even though kaboodle does not use EPS in its packaging, it is still commonplace in appliance packaging. EPS can’t be collected in your council recycling service, however, there are heaps of facilities that accept all types of EPS. To find a collection facility in your state, visit www.epsa.org.au/where-can-i-recycle-eps.

Please note

Do not place soft plastics such as bubble wrap or expanded polystyrene in your kerbside recycle bin. These items will upset the recycling process of the other items in that bin.

For all other materials, checkout Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You website, you can sort by material and location, it’s super helpful and easy to use

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