What’s your picture perfect profile?

By Kaboodle

Choosing your door profile is an exciting step in the planning process, as it will help to determine the style of your space, whether that's more contemporary or classic!

Choosing your door profile is important as it will help to set the mood of your space! There are five door profiles available in the kaboodle range, and below we have detailed the different styles you can achieve with each, which will hopefully help you decide which profile is best suited to your space! 


When in doubt, you can't go wrong with the classic modern profile. It has a flat, smooth finish, which achieves a clean and streamlined look. The modern profile avoids adding detail and lets your chosen colour speak for itself.

All colours in the kaboodle range are available in modern profile.


With deep grooves bordering the profile, heritage oozes traditional appeal and is best suited to a homestead style kitchen. It looks great with white but also bold colours such as vivid basil if you are hoping to make a statement in your space. 

Heritage profile is available in all thermoformed colours.


The name speaks for itself – our country profile is best suited to a country-style kitchen. With its high level of detail, the grooves in the profile replicate timber joins, delivering an endless supply of farmhouse charm.

Country profile is available in all thermoformed matt colours.


Classic and stylish, alpine profile is a must if you are looking to incorporate a touch of French provincial style to your kitchen. Similar to the Shaker style, alpine has a smooth, flat centre and a raised border.

Alpine profile is available in all thermoformed matt colours.


Looking for a simple, seamless line of kitchen cabinets for a clean, fresh look? J-Pull is a cleverly designed, integrated door and drawer handle featuring a unique j-shaped groove for ease of opening. Combined with the light, milky tone of Coconut Milk in a semi-gloss finish, the handle-less look will make your kitchen a sleek, modern space.


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