Why are there no prices on our site?

By Kaboodle

Want to learn a little bit more about why there are no prices on our site? Have a read...

Why oh why don’t we have prices on our website?!

There is an easy answer to this one guys… we sell exclusively to Bunnings.

For that reason we are unable to provide pricing. Bunnings is our distributor so the pricing must come from them. 

The quickest way to check out all of our prices is to visit the Bunnings website or your local Bunnings Warehouse.

You can also check out our online kitchen planner which contains prices for all of our kaboodle products. 

On a side note, another great idea is to ask your local Bunnings if they offer an in home designer in your area. Bunnings Kitchen Designers come to your house, measure your kitchen and help you out with the best solution.

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