Alex and Ange

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Alex and Ange take on a kitchen reno to modernise their existing space.

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Alex and Ange before and after.

When taking on a kitchen renovation in their older style apartment, Alex and Ange never imagined the final result would be an open plan kitchen full of natural light. It’s the perfect place to read the Sunday papers and enjoy breakfast together each morning.

“The first thing we needed to consider was that the kitchen sits to the side of the living room, so we have to look at it even when we aren’t using it.”

A friend told them about kaboodle after seeing the range at Bunnings, “We started by checking out what they had on display, and there were heaps of options for us to choose from. We tried all sorts of combos in their online planner before we decided on the final design.”

Ange knew that she wanted a “minimalist aesthetic” and the couple decided to use two tone cabinetry, “I knew right away that I wanted the handles to blend in with the rest of the kitchen so we ended up going with the discrete grip handles and we used gloss white and luminess metallic cabinets to go with our bamboo benchtop.”

Alex and Ange found installation, “easier than we thought it would be” and Ange said, “The hardest part of the process for us was removing the wall between the old laundry and kitchen.”

With their new kitchen complete, the couple love spending their weekend mornings cooking breakfast and reading the paper at the kitchen table…

"It’s just such nice and fresh environment to be in, especially as the sun is streaming through the window. I could sit there all day." - Ange

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Luminess Metallic thermoformed doors and panels with Bamboo benchtops.

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