Andy and Tina

By KaboodleU-Shape

Investment property owners Andy and Tina, decided to spruce up their tired kitchen after a break from residing tenants.

Andy & Tina's DIY kitchen renovation before and after shots

The original kitchen was looking pretty run down and out of date. “We decided to rip out the old one and paint the walls to give the whole room a bit of a refresh”, said Andy. They didn’t want their property to be without tenants for too long which lead them to choose kaboodle for their DIY flat pack offering.

Andy and Tina kept things simple by sticking to the existing configuration and chose neutral shades to create the ultimate blank canvas for tenants to add their own style to. “We extended the breakfast bar because we knew our tenants would appreciate the extra bench space”, Tina said.

“We had some fun planning the overall colour scheme and choosing what went where. Of course we went with white cabinets, it’s a rental! I loved the yamaroo concrete looking benchtop because of its contrast with the timber floor.“

Instead of using white tiles for the splashback, Tina suggested grey with black grout. “They not only look great but also hide any marks from general cooking”, said Andy.    

Luckily Andy’s brother offered to help with the install as he had put together a kitchen or two in his time.

The biggest hurdle they faced was making sure the cabinets were level as the walls weren’t perfectly squared. They spent a bit of time adjusting the cabinet heights.

Removing the old kitchen, upgrading the tiles and painting the walls really brought the whole place to life. “It was super easy to find new tenants”, said Tina.

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