Annette and Peter

By KaboodleU-Shape

When Annette and Peter went looking for the perfect home, they found a spacious house with plenty of potential.

Annette & Peter's DIY kitchen renovation before and after shots.

This 11-year old gem needed some love, so they decided to start with the kitchen. After tweaking their design and installing their new masterpiece – they couldn’t be happier!

Before committing to anything new, Annette researched the various interior trends and kitchen options. “I stumbled across the kaboodle website and found their kitchen planner really easy to use”, she said.

They didn’t have too much to change in terms of the kitchen configuration and enjoyed tweaking their design on the planner by selecting different cabinets and pantry options.

Like many – they wanted something that wouldn’t date with a bit of character. Annette said “an all-white kitchen was a little too bland for us, so we chose black forest as the dominant colour because of the wood-like texture”. The vanilla essence wall cabinets were a last minute touch.

A corner pantry maximised their storage space and was the ideal size for them to store everything for the kids. Annette was also keen on having two ovens to save time on cooking. 

Peter spent a bit of time ripping out the old kitchen and cleaning up the place before installing the new cabinets.  

They found the whole process fairly simple “the cabinets were easy to put together and weren’t too time-consuming”, Peter explained. “The benchtops were a little challenging to maneuver alone because of how large they were, so I had my brother come by to help out with the install.”

Annette says she’s “never had so much bench space” It’s made her whole meal preparation process easier as she can now spread things out and prepare meals for the kids.

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