Bec and Mark

By KaboodleKitchenL-shaped with Island

Bec and Mark decided to tackle their coastal holiday home starting with their kitchen.

Renovating a much-loved holiday home can seem like a big job but the pluses most definitely outweigh the minuses! Bec and Mark decided to tackle their coastal holiday home starting with their kitchen, so they could reap the benefits of a brand-new space with their family.

“The house is open plan making the kitchen visible for all to see, so fixing up this space was a no-brainer” said Mark. Bec added “The existing kitchen itself wasn’t falling apart or anything, it was just completely outdated and needed to be refreshed. Our friends recently put in a kaboodle kitchen and loved it, so we thought we’d give it a try too!”

The couple retained the general layout of their kitchen, with a few minor tweaks to maximise space and of course a new colour scheme to brighten up the area.

“We chose egg white doors and panels as well as a luminess metallic panel on the island as a design feature. We also decided to move the big bulky fridge, which opened up the area near the oven.” Bec said.

Mark also added, “We had space to install a decent sized kitchen so we decided to further extend the island and add in a benchtop overhang for the kids, which works well as a seating area.” Crackle crush was their choice of benchtop. 

Mark decided to take a week off work, drive up the coast and do the kitchen install himself.

“It was a bit of a process removing the old kitchen, getting everything disconnected and installing the new kitchen. I spent a week up the coast putting the whole thing together and cleaning up the space.”

“It all paid off in the end and the place looks brand new. It felt like a real achievement, putting the whole kitchen together myself!” Mark said.

“He did an immaculate job,” Bec added.

The couple and their family are now enjoying what feels like a brand new holiday house, “Our local neighbours can’t believe their eyes! We’ve made the effort to make more frequent trips because we just love the holiday house atmosphere so much more, thanks to our new kitchen,” said Bec.

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