Ganaelle and Daniel

By KaboodleButler's PantryKitchen

Storage was the name of the game for Ganaelle and Daniel when they created their contemporary and classic kitchen, complete with their dream Butler’s Pantry.

Ganaelle and Daniel wanted to open up their kitchen and remove the clutter by creating more space and storage in their new kitchen.

“I love cooking and baking, so we knew exactly what we were after; a kitchen with plenty of useable bench space and storage.” said Ganaelle.

When the pair were designing their new kitchen, they realised they needed more room and storage space that was out of the way - the solution was a Butler’s pantry!

“We have always loved the idea of a clutter-free kitchen, but in our previous homes this has just never been viable. Consequently, we like to keep our larger appliances, such as the coffee machine, mixer, and microwave in a butler’s pantry. The design we created made all of this a reality” said Daniel.

The practicality of the kitchen wasn’t all they had in mind, “We wanted the house to look classic and contemporary, and we truly feel that the Hamptons is a style that won’t date but is also very homely and warm” said Ganaelle. To make that Hamptons dream a reality, they used our cremasala and nougat truffle doors in alpine profile and silky mayonella benchtops to finish. 

Once the whole project came together, Ganaelle highlighted what they love most about the kitchen. “Definitely the storage! I am a big fan of anything kitchen related and definitely have too much of everything. All this extra storage space means that nothing has to be stacked on top of one another, or squashed into spaces that I’ll never get them out of. Oh, and we love how open plan the whole area is, which allows us to move between spaces so freely and easily.”

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