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It’s safe to say Hayley’s kitchen was well overdue for a makeover and the transformation is incredible!

Haley’s new kitchen has completely transformed the space! Opting for a two-tone kitchen, Haley has created a seriously stylish space that maximises functionality and makes cooking a breeze!

Installed in 1969, Haley’s original kitchen was clearly dated and in need of a freshen-up. The original kitchen didn’t maximise the usable space and was lacking storage. “My kitchen was the original 1969 kitchen, with minimal bench space and storage. It was not functional and difficult to use,” says Haley.

To give the space a more modern and stylish look, Haley opted for a two-tone colour palette. “I used Sour Cream for the bottom cupboards and Grey Spice for the top cupboards. I wanted to use two different colours to give the kitchen a lift, so it wasn’t all white. We also ended up choosing kaboodle’s mayonella benchtops” – Haley.

Haley planned her kitchen transformation during Melbourne’s second lockdown and found that our virtual design consultation service was very useful. “I could use the 3D planner to get an idea of what was possible. This was then followed up with a great virtual consultation with a design consultant. I was able to do all of it during Melbourne’s second lockdown. Working with kaboodle remotely was fantastic. I had a great virtual consultation where I worked with the consultant to create a kitchen that was perfect for me. I could see 3D renderings of what the kitchen would look like and change colours to see different style options,” says Hayley.  

In order to make the most of the usable space in the kitchen, Haley chose to stick with the U-shape layout, but extended the bench space. “I wanted to maximise every corner of my kitchen, so chose a U-shape layout. I now have over 3 metres of benchtop to use and plenty of storage.” – Haley.

Now that Haley’s kitchen is complete, she can enjoy cooking in a gorgeous and practical space! “I love that I have a functional kitchen that makes me want to cook again. I have plenty of space to cook, and make a big mess whilst cooking.” - Hayley.

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