Jack and Ali

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After the purchase of their inner city townhouse, Jack and Ali took on a complete renovation and transformed their older style kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece! Their goal was to be clever with the space they had and to add an element of functionality to their design.

Jack and Ali before and after.

“The kitchen was tiny and there wasn’t really any way around that factor so it became even more important for us to add a bunch of storage space to make the kitchen more usable.”

The couple opted for a galley style layout which they said fit the space better than a typical u-shape design kitchen.

Typical of an older style townhouse Jack and Ali found none of their walls were square which meant lots of measuring to make sure everything lined up correctly. There was also a wall that needed to be removed professionally to open up the space and make room for extra cabinets. 

When it came to colours, Ali took the reins and tapped into a design style that was “traditional, but with a bit of an industrial edge.”

“We used Vanilla Essence doors with the country profile to try and lighten up the room and we needed heaps of storage so used drawer cabinets and wire baskets in the kitchen island.” 

Jack designed and built the open, steel framed shelves and the couple used plywood for the panels surrounding the fridge and the island back panel.

The biggest challenge the couple faced was, “definitely installing the base cabinets up against the wonky walls!”   

How did they feel after designing and installing their own kitchen..?

“We’re very happy with our new kitchen! The whole room feels way lighter and our mortgage didn’t get in the way of us creating what we wanted” Ali said.

testing before testing after

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