Melanie and Jamie

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After years of living in a tiny apartment in the heart of the city, Melanie and Jamie thought it was time to move into a bigger home and relocate to the country.

Melanie and Jamie have transformed their kitchen with a modern, clean and open design.

The couple needed a big change and moving to the country was the perfect plan. It took some time, but they managed to make their mark and refurnish their entire home. The whole house needed work and the kitchen was caught in the crossfire of their renovation schemes.

They made room for the new kitchen by professionally removing a wall which gave them more floor space to work with.

“After we visited our local Bunnings, everything fell into place. It was kaboodle’s euro oak timber benchtop that won us over and we also had the idea to create open cabinets from end panels on the island for something a little different”, Jamie expressed. 

It was important for their kitchen to stay in line with the rest of their Nordic-inspired home which is why they chose antique white doors with the alpine profile and a timber benchtop for the colour scheme.

“We made a weekend out of putting everything together and called in some favours from friends – that we repaid with food and wine of course,” Jamie said. 
Melanie was pretty pedantic about everything lining up because the floor in the kitchen isn’t completely even, “so we had to adjust the cabinet legs and make sure the measurements for the open cabinets were correct”.
“When you see the before photos you’ll notice what a difference this new kitchen has made. We can finally move around without bumping into each other and even sit in the kitchen together”. 
The look and feel of the kitchen fits in with the rest of the couple’s home. Jamie just loves having brekkie by the bar!

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