Tom and Michelle

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This inner suburban apartment gets a complete makeover with the owners planning a kitchen layout that centers on entertaining and a shared love of cooking.

Tom and Michelle before and after.

Owners Tom and Michelle decided to design an open and organic space inspired by modern café culture.

Their original kitchen was dull and lifeless. It was one of those cramped and old-fashioned layouts that are marked redundant these days. When it came time to plan for a new layout, Tom and Michelle really treated it like a blank canvas and experimented with a few layout ideas on the kaboodle online planner.

"We were pretty keen on a really open plan style kitchen that drew inspiration from some of our favourite suburban cafés, which is why we went for the Spiced Oak timber-looking cabinets and Black Toffee benchtops as a contrast", Tom highlighted. 

The couple didn't want it to look too "woody and organic" so they freshened up their space by adding modern profile doors and panels, as well as round bar handles into the mix. 

Having never ventured into putting together a new kitchen before, Tom and Michelle had a few minor challenges which were overcome with time and familliarity. "After we finished putting together the carcasses, everything else was pretty easy to manage", Tom added. 

Michelle was surprised with how everything came together nicely and in the end, the look they were going for really came to life. "I sometimes walk in here and just think I’m my own little café. I just need a little sign out the front". 

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