flatpack kitchens

from flatpack kitchens to your dream

Take your unique vision, compile all the components you need and bring your plans into reality, the flat pack kitchen is a DIY-er’s dream. Unpack and assemble the entire thing yourself and enjoy the style, quality and value-for-money that few other home renovation solutions can offer.

Build your kitchen using our online 3D tool and consult with a Bunnings kitchen expert for inspiration. We believe that bringing your ideas to life should be seamless, which is why all our flatpack kitchens are made with care. Taking care of everything from cabinetry to the finer details like kitchen door handles, you can kaboodle your entire kitchen with us.

why the flatpack is back

The flatpack never really left - but it’s getting a brighter moment in the spotlight and homeowners across Australia are wondering why they never flatpacked before.

Here’s why you’ll love them:

  • Building is even easier. We apply strict quality controls while cutting each piece, so all you need to do is fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle. As long as you’ve got basic skills, some hand tools and use our helpful instructions and videos, the assembly should be simple and even enjoyable!
  • Compromise on price, but never quality. You’ll save money when you choose flatpack kitchens because there’s no need to pay for a builder or designer. That doesn’t mean we scrimp on quality. At kaboodle, structure and quality is everything to us, so you can rest assured your kitchen reaches the exceptional standards you’d expect.
  • Unmatched flexibility. We’re all about delivering freedom with your kitchen. Get full control over the design and tailor your space to your tastes. Our flatpack kitchens are modular, so you can easily add new components as you go along.

next level flatpack is here

Flatpack kitchens allow all Australian’s to get a stylish, affordable kitchen, but what about when you have an odd-sized room? Kaboodle has solved the problem with our cut-to-measure service.

No longer do you have to pay for an entirely custom kitchen, kaboodle allows you to build your kitchen with modular products, and just finish off the last 10% with cabinets, doors and benchtops cut to width to fit exactly to your space. Flatpack kitchens have never been so flexible.

kaboodle your flatpack kitchen

Who needs to call in a tradie when you can flatpack? Browse our collections today for inspiration or contact us for further information. If you’re ready to buy, visit your nearest Bunnings.