Why cut and butt™?

By Kaboodle

The revolutionary cut and butt™ joining system means anyone can join their benchtops without the need for experienced trades people, which in turn will save you time and money.

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All of our modular cut and butt™ benchtops are usually available off the shelf.

These benchtops are supplied with a special colour matched edging that can be cut, heat removed and joined giving you a perfect finish every time.

Some colours are available in double laminate to create waterfall ends and table tops. 

How to Cut and Butt™

  1. Remove the edging from the area that you will be joining using a heat gun and scraper.
  2. Router out the holes (min hole diameter 35mm) for the benchtop joiners underneath the benchtop.
  3. Connect the 2 benchtops together and tighten, remembering to use PVA glue for a water resistant join. 

To find out more about our cut and butt™ benchtops, watch our How To Cut and Butt™ Benchtops video.

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