A guide to a clutter free kitchen

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It’s always refreshing working in a clutter free kitchen! Read our article for some tips and tricks on keeping your kitchen clutter free.

flat pack kitchens design blog - a guide to a clutter free kitchen
A guide to a clutter free kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s a gathering place for family and friends, a collection area for odds and ends… and let’s not forget that whenever we cook we’re making a mess! 

Everyone’s kitchen is unique and has its own life… but they all become cluttered. Some kitchens function better like that, but if you’re looking for a few tips and tricks for a clutter free kitchen then read on…

Don’t be afraid to throw away

Go through your cupboards on a mission to purge them of items you’ve never used, or rarely use. A huge cause of clutter is putting too much ‘stuff’ in too little of a space. 

Drawers, cupboards and shelves stacked with old jars, containers and utensils purchased for a one time use could use a good spring clean to create more space for appliances and items currently living on benchtops.

flat pack kitchens design blog - kitchen storage
Make sure you cleverly organise your drawers.

Adopt a junk drawer!

Kitchens are a magnet for daily odds and ends – junk mail and bills; keys, wallets and purses; batteries, notepads and pens… the ‘junk’ is endless. 

To help keep your kitchen clutter free choose a decent sized drawer, embrace it wholeheartedly and keep all your bits and pieces in it. Think of it as organised chaos! If you can’t cook or eat with it then it belongs in the junk drawer or out of the kitchen. 

Give items a home

Giving your kitchen utensils and appliances a regular home is really helpful for a clutter free kitchen. Use drawer dividers to keep your cutlery, pots and pans organised.

Designating cupboard space for daily appliances so they don’t live on the benchtop frees up a lot more space for cooking – some appliances you might use a lot less than you think. Keep the essentials out and find a spot behind closed doors for the rest.

End the day with a reset

An easy way to stay on top of clutter is to give the kitchen a quick once over at the end of the evening. Use the three steps above as a guide – if you have too many spare jars then throw some in the recycling, move any loose clutter into the junk drawer and shift appliances from the benchtop back to their ‘home’.

Hopefully some of the above tips come in handy… good luck!

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