kaboodle masterclass - planning 101

kaboodle masterclass - planning 101

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In our planning masterclass, we're going back to basics and guiding you through the key steps to planning a new kitchen. Our DIY kitchen expert is going to show you the following:

- what to include in your budget
- walk through a typical renovation timeline
- how to measure your space
- kitchen layout advice to best combine style and functionality
- tips & tricks to designing your kitchen using the kaboodle 3D planner

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meet our kaboodle kitchen expert

Cam has been a part of the kaboodle family for five years. He started in our customer service department and now heads our training academy, where we help Bunnings team members learn all things kaboodle.

Cam’s passion and commitment to kaboodle extends further than helping our customers. In fact, he recently used kaboodle products in every room of his latest home renovation project!

“It was a really good experience to get to know the product that I was working with and it’s a pretty good endorsement that if someone is working for a company they use the product, you can be pretty confident that it’s okay.”

According to Cam, planning, research and functionality are the keys to a successful kitchen renovation.

“Functionality is the key. A kitchen can be big or small, but everything has to be in the right place. It’s a big purchase, so you don’t want to be spending valuable money on something you haven’t put your time and effort in to.”