Choosing the right flooring for your space

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There are many elements to consider when choosing the right flooring type for your space. Good think we've mapped these out for you so all you have to do is read on!

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Choosing the right flooring for your space.

Timber Floorboards

Definitely the most timeless option for flooring; solid timber floorboards will never go out of fashion! 

Pros: classic appeal, brings forward a warm look to your space, easy to clean, can be sanded back and refinished many times, high-end appeal. 

Cons: major damages can't be fixed with sanding, can shrink or expand depending on heat circumstances, can be cost prohibitive. 


A very easy option full of many colour choices. 

Pros: hygienic and easy to clean, come in a range of sizes and styles, can suit most budgets, easy to replace (if you have spare tiles this is), high durability. 

Cons: slippery when wet, cold on your feet, light coloured grout can be prone to noticeable stains which require constant cleaning. 

Polished concrete shouts contemporary.

Polished Concrete

This look is right on trend at the moment and is one of the most sustainable options for your space!

Pros: high durability when sealed and well maintained, extremely tough and resilient, easy to maintain, high-end appeal, can be installed with heating.

Cons: cold on your feet if installed as a traditional slab, slippery when wet, items are likely to break if dropped, can be cost prohibitive.  


Vinyl flooring is extremely easy to install and is probably the most cost-effective option. It can be laid over an existing floor and glued or nailed in place. 

Pros: very cost effective, easy to clean, water resistant, flexible, a wide range of flooring options to choose from, the designer look for less.

Cons: because the surface is soft and smooth, it's prone to ripping or tearing if it were to come in contact with a sharp object.  

Floating Floorboards 

Floating floorboards are definitely the cheaper alternative to hardwood timber flooring. 

Pros: simple lock-in-place installation, cost effective solution, easy to clean, hygienic, the designer look for less.

Cons: can be slippery when wet, over time warping can occur, not resistant to scuff marks or dents.

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