Do we test our cabinets and hardware?

By Kaboodle

Find out about the testing standards we use for our products.

We take quality and structure seriously. This starts with what's underneath the doors and benchtops.

As we are continually looking to improve our products we are proud to be one of a small number of manufacturers who have had selected cabinets tested and certified to the stringent requirements of the Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute.

AFRDI is an independent not-for-profit technical organisation providing standards, testing, product certification and research for buyers and sellers of furniture. 

AFRDI testing includes rigorous tests and assessment on construction, durability, safety, strength and choice of components used in domestic kitchens and are based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4386.1. 

Through these tests we have made changes from time to time to improve the quality of our products. 

When it comes to quality and testing, we don’t take any shortcuts – so you can rest assured that we are providing great products at a great price.

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