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By Kaboodle

Getting the most out of your investment property doesn’t have to cost a bomb. But there are a few things you need to consider before you start updating your property…!

Firstly, remember why you purchased the investment property…was it to rent out, hold on to or to re-sell? This will make it easier to choose the best renovation or update option to suit its purpose.

Here are a few ways you can use kaboodle to reap the benefits of your investment property and get a great return.

update the kitchen

You know what they say, kitchens sell homes! The kitchen is the heart of the home and it’s often the first place buyers will look when they visit your property.   

It’s important to be smart with your choice of materials and consider surfaces that are durable and easy to clean - there are laminates available with scuff resistance and anti-fingerprint technology, so your benchtop will stand the test of time. 

And here’s another tip - our new product, Cabinet Guard, is perfect for protecting cabinet hinges from renters that may not take care of your kitchen in the same way you would...! Perfect for heavy use, it’s purpose-built to secure over hinge plates.

It’s also important to choose your colour palette carefully. You want the design to be timeless and not polarising, so it’s often safe to stick to neutral tones such as whites, greys and even black to ensure your design doesn’t date.

If space permits, add an island to maximise storage and functional bench space. This will be a very attractive feature for buyers and renter as it makes entertaining a breeze, and will help connect to other rooms in the house, creating that sought-after open-plan layout.

If your budget is tight, why not just update the face of your doors rather than replacing them completely? This will allow you to transform your once dated kitchen into a stylish and up-to-date space for a fraction of the cost. 

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update the laundry

If you don’t have a laundry, we would highly recommend including one in your renovation. Even if you have limited space, your property will be far more desirable thanks to the added convenience, which will also add value to your property!

Today, European laundries are becoming more and more popular, being installed in hallway cupboards, in the kitchen or even in the powder room. You can still create an extremely functional space even with limited room. You can find more advice on what to include in your laundry design here.


increase your storage

No one ever complained about having too much storage… so why not add some more? You can use our pantry cupboards to create stylish and functional wardrobes in bedrooms, or you could even use them in the hallway for extra concealed storage (while also creating a cohesive look with consistent joinery throughout the home). You can find out how to create wardrobes like the ones featured above here.

So there you have it, our top tips on how you can invest in kaboodle to add value to your investment property, get it dressed for sale or gear up for future renters.

Updating your investment property has never been easier - get started today!

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