kaboodle hack: light shield

By Kaboodle

Our kaboodle kickboards are very versatile, have a read to find out why below.

Create under cabinet lighting to brighten up your work area.

Under cabinet lighting is a great way to light up your kitchen work areas, as well as add a premium look and feel to your kitchen. However having light fixtures stuck to the bottom of your wall cabinets can be ugly, whilst non-directional light sources can shine at angles that are less than desirable.

One clever and simple fix to this dilemma is to install a light shield underneath your wall cabinets to hide all the electrical components and block the light from shining out sideways.

How to do it yourself

This can be achieved using either a pantry filler panel, or a kickboard - either at full height or trimmed down to create a slimmer, more discreet facia.

The light shield can be fixed to the bottom of your wall cabinets using timber blocks or L brackets, ensuring that you keep a neat and tight join to stop any light seeping out.

If you have lights that are exposed at the side of your wall cabinet you will need to add another facia along the side, and join the two using another L bracket or timber block.

CAUTION: Always ensure that you follow the specific manufacturer specifications and warnings when it comes to installing anything above or next to your stove top.

DIY level – Beginner

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