update your kitchen on a budget

By KaboodleKitchen

Want to update your kitchen but have a tight budget? We've put together some tips on how you can give your kitchen a revamp without braking the bank.

There’s nothing better than a brand-new kitchen – but what if you're on a budget? Never fear, budget kitchen renovations can be done and they can be done well!

why a kitchen renovation is worth the investment

We all know the kitchen is the focal point of the home. It’s the heart and social hub for most households. The influx of daily traffic causes wear and tear and as the central point of the home it’s important to keep this area in tip top condition. But creating a comfortable, functional and stylish area to gather the family, entertain and cook can be achieved on a budget.

An inexpensive kitchen renovation can add a surprising amount of value to your home when you are looking to sell and as an added bonus, sprucing up the kitchen may be just the thing you need to reinvigorate your passion for cooking!

Think about replacing your existing handles.

firstly, you need to determine your budget

A kitchen renovation doesn’t mean a complete rebuild. Before you start the project, work out exactly how much you want to spend and work backwards from there. Kaboodle kitchens afford you the luxury of buying everything separately, so you can build your new kitchen over time as you save – keeping lump costs down.

If you've already installed kaboodle cabinets in your kitchen then it may be a case of giving your doors and panels a facelift with a new colour or door profile. For a quick refresh; replace your handles. We have a great range of on trend handles to choose from and you could upgrade your existing kaboodle hardware to our soft close or push to open hinges! You could even replace your old benchtop. The smallest changes can make it feel like you've had a complete kitchen renovation, breathing new life into the space! 

update your benchtop

Our extensive range of benchtops tick all the boxes when it comes to finding a style that works for your space. From marble-look benchtops, to timber and stone benchtops, you’ll find a material that works with the aesthetic of your home and your budget. 

update your doors and panels

We have a large variety of on trend door and panel colours to choose from, so if you have an existing kaboodle kitchen, or your door sizes align with our offering, then updating your drawer fronts is a great way to dramatically change the style of your kitchen.

You could choose a sleek matt black like our molasses v for a modern style, or a timber-look woodgrain such as hazelnut v for a scandi vibe. All this can be done quickly by simply picking up new doors and panels!

other budget kitchen ideas

Inject some colour by adding a bright splashback, add a focal point with some open shelves ir change the ambience of the room with some new lighting. These styling items are easy to change and once again can be added to over time. 

If you’re after some inspiration, head over to our inspiration gallery where you’ll find a range of kitchen styles sure to get those creative juices flowing and kickstart your budget kitchen update!

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