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Does your laundry need some love? After the kitchen and bathroom, laundries are arguably one of the most important rooms in the house! So we’ve put together some tips for you to consider, so you can get the most out of this space.

Clean white laundry with washing maching and dryer

It’s time for some laundry love! It may not be the most exciting room in the house but boy can good style, design and functionality make all the difference to your washing day! From having ample workspace through to incorporating open shelving, we’ve got some ideas to help ensure your laundry reno is squeaky clean. 

Laundry work stations

Left picture by Katrina Chambers | right picture by Organising the Four of Us

work station

If you have enough space, we’d always recommend giving yourself a generous work station to maximise functionality, with plenty of usable bench space. This will come in handy when you’re separating washing, loading and unloading the washing machine or dryer, and of course, when folding clean clothing and linen. Depending on your layout, be smart with your configuration to allow for as much bench space as possible – you won’t regret it.  

laundry layout: here, a straight line design layout has been used. This is the most common laundry design as it maximises the usable space in your home. With a single benchtop, storage above as wall cabinets and below utilising base cabinets, you can create a simple but effective space. You can also look to incorporate one of our pantry cabinets at the end of your run of base and wall cabinets to store all your larger essentials such as mops, brooms and ironing board.

With limited space, it’s recommended to keep the washing sink at one end, maximising the usable laundry benchtop space at the opposite end. Also, if there isn’t space to extend your cabinets horizontally, it’s a good idea to extend these vertically instead, adding a set of slimline cabinets above your wall cabinets for extra height and storage.

open shelving in laundry

Picture by House to Home Beautiful

expose the elements

Open shelving is not only a great way to add an element of style and flair to your laundry space but is also super practical. Shelving allows you to store those frequently used products in easy to reach locations to save you time and energy. And when styled right, it can look great too!

Here’s an idea…you could allocate a laundry basket to each family member, making it easier to sort loads. This might also get the rest of the family involved in their chores (here’s hoping)!

design tip: did you know you can use our benchtops to create stylish shelving, too? Think about matching your benchtop with your shelving for that seamless look.

laundry layout: here, the U-shaped layout has been applied. This layout works best when you have a little more space to play with, however, it works in small spaces too. With extra bonus space, you can store washing baskets, set up ironing boards and still move around. This design also provides extra space to have a hanging rack over your sink and plenty of bench space.

small laundry

Left @therenoproject_

small but mighty

If space isn’t on your side, you can still create a stylish and functional laundry that suits your needs. Using our cut to measure products, you can optimize storage in small spaces by getting the most out of every inch. Open shelving will also help to achieve this – you can use our benchtops or even our panels (which can be cut to size) for that custom look.    

design tip: If space permits, stacking our cabinets on top of our pantry cabinets can also work wonders to create visual interest and height, not to mention ample storage!  

Always make sure you include a sink in your laundry design for increased convenience. Although we can rely on the washing machine most of the time, there are situations when we don’t have a choice but to hand wash our delicate items. 

create a cohesive look and feel

Did you know that you can use our products in every room of the house (including the laundry) to create a unified style? Make sure to keep the profile and colour schemes consistent with your kitchen design to ensure the style flows through the house seamlessly.

laundry layout: here, the L-shaped laundry layout has been used. This design is best suited to larger laundry spaces as it allows for extra bench space and storage. We would recommend placing the sink at the base of the L shape (if your plumbing allows), as it will allow you to get the most out of your space. You could even include a hanging rail above the sink if you wish.

Combine laundry and power room

Picture by Norsu Home

make your small space work hard 

If you’re struggling to think of a way to include both a laundry and a powder room into your renovation, a savvy space-saving idea is to combine both in the one space! The laundry and powder room are both wet areas, which makes this option even more appealing, as the plumbing will already be available.

design tip: to achieve this look and to utilize the space, you should select a front-loading washing machine and dryer!

laundry accessories

Washing just got a whole lot easier with our new 1 x 35L or 2 x 35L base mount laundry hampers. Perfect for sorting dirty or clean clothes, the different colours make organizing whites a breeze – these are the perfect accessory to include in your laundry design!

Thanks to the perforated sides, ventilation and increased air circulation allows laundry to breathe, preventing mould or mildew on damp clothing. With their sliding capabilities and soft-close ball bearing slides, these baskets are extremely easy to use and neatly conceal washing you would prefer out of sight.

To view more ways to use kaboodle in your laundry, check out our dedicated laundry guide - your laundry, your way.

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