Your guide to Easter

By Kaboodle

Easter is one of our favourite holidays of the year, not only do you get to spend time with family but you also get celebrate with copious amounts of chocolate—what’s not to love?

flat pack kitchens design blog - how to get yourself ready for Easter
Our guide to hosting Easter 2018!

Easter is celebrated in many ways, mostly revolving around family (and chocolate…lots of chocolate). If you’re hosting Easter this year, you might want to read on to see how you can keep your kitchen organised and the kiddies (and adults) entertained.

For organisation:

The best way to throw a party is to start from scratch, and this means cleaning out your kitchen and organising it. Start by removing items that live on your benchtop, and re-home them into your cabinets and drawers. An easy way to organise your drawers is with our kaboodle cutlery and utensil inserts. You can mix and match these inserts to maximise the use of your space and find the perfect spot for your kitchen essentials.

flat pack kitchens design blog - your guide to hosting Easter
Use our drawer inserts to maximise storage space.

For entertainment

Kids love hide and seek—fact! And hide and seek with Easter eggs is even more exciting, so why not set up your very own Easter egg hunt. Hide chocolate eggs throughout your house and yard, remembering to count the number of eggs you hide and the places you hid them. This will help to keep the hunt going, as well as preventing melted chocolate surprises in the weeks to come. Also, remember to keep the chocolate out of reach from our four-legged friends.

flat pack kitchens design blog - easter egg hunt
An Easter egg hunt will keep the kiddies busy!

For the chocolate lovers

Well…you give them chocolate obviously! Milk, dark, white, dairy free, fruit and nut, whatever their taste may be there is a brand out there for you and your budget. Traditionally chocolate eggs and bunnies are given—and if you’re from Australia sometimes a chocolate bilby might make an appearance. Trust me, there is nothing a chocolate lover enjoys more than Easter time so as long as there is plenty of chocolate going around, there will be no disappointment.

flat pack kitchens design blog - some helpful tips on how to get ready for Easter
Easter is a chocolate lovers heaven!

For the kitchen and dining table

People love being visual, especially on special occasions. Adding ornamental bunnies or other traditional figures to your kitchen and dining area will keep your guests engaged with the festivities. Ornamental bunnies also make for great gifts for your smaller guests to take home at the end of the day.

Hand painted eggs are also great ornaments to place in your kitchen and make for a great styling element! They’re a little bit quirky and create a colourful talking point for guests. If you’re having a sit-down lunch and want to be a little bit fancy you can try painting your guests initials on the eggs and use them as place holders at your dining table.

flat pack kitchens design blog - Easter ideas
Hand painted Easter eggs are a great gift.

And remember…

Have fun! Easter is a festive time and it should be enjoyed and celebrated by all. Eat lots and laugh lots.

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