Liana and Gavin

By KaboodleKitchenStraight Line with Island

With plans to renovate this 1985 two-story townhouse, the kitchen was the first to get a makeover.

Liana and Gav's before and after kitchen renovation

Purchasing a 1985 two-story townhouse Liana and Gav had plans to renovate everything, starting with the kitchen. 

“Before we got started, the kitchen and living areas were separated by a wall, so we knocked this out for an open plan. Because we don't have a lot of natural light coming in, we chose the white gloss push-to-open cabinets from Kaboodle and they look great. The place looks too bright.”

Liana says the next stage for their renovation is “knocking out those old windows and doors to put in some shiny new black bi-folds!”

Liana and Gav's kitchen makeover before and after

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