Laundry design

Fresh and functional laundry designs

Just because it’s where you get your chores done, it doesn’t mean you can’t find domestic happiness doing the laundry. Making your home beautiful is simple with kaboodle because when you flatpack a laundry, you’re building your dream space piece-by-piece. With a little help from us, you can get to work on your dream laundry renovation, that’s anything but a chore.

Laundry design

Straight line

The most common laundry design is the straight line. Whether it’s due to the lack of space or a small house design, the straight-line laundry maximises the usable space  in your home, With a single benchtop, storage above and below, along with space for washing machines and dryers you can create a simple but effective space to do you laundry. You can also look to incorporate a tall cabinet at the end of your cabinet run for all your essentials such as mops, brooms and ironing boards.
With limited space it’s recommended to keep the washing sink at one end, maximising the usable laundry benchtop space at the other end. Also if there isn’t space to extend your cabinets horizontally, then go vertically and add a set of slimline cabinets above your existing wall cabinets for extra height and more storage.

L-shaped and U-shaped

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll have room for an L-shaped or U-shaped laundry. With extra space, you can store washing baskets, set up ironing boards and still move around. This design also provides extra space to have a hanging rack over the washing sink and much more tall storage to keep everything out of sight. You can also install an L-shaped laundry benchtop, giving you extra space to fold and iron laundry, install a larger sink or even to add decor items, like plants or paintings.

Multi-purpose room

If you’re really struggling for space you can utilise your laundry for multiple purposes. Create a powder room that also serves as a small laundry with hidden cabinets. Or perhaps incorporate your laundry into the kitchen design as a “Euro” laundry. Alternatively, if your laundry is located next to the kitchen, upgrade a laundry to a butler’s pantry/laundry combo and continue the look and feel from the kitchen into the laundry.

Functional storage

Add a combination of functional storage options to maximise the efficiency of your laundry room. While the space may be small, it’s the perfect opportunity to incorporate floor to ceiling cabinets and pull out drawers to increase your home’s storage space. If you're lacking attic space, think big - instead of using your walk-in-robe to hide your Christmas tree and decorations, build a cabinet in the laundry instead. Your laundry room storage doesn’t have to be reserved just for laundry specific items.

Get inspired with a built-in laundry

Lighten the load by using kaboodle for your laundry renovation and have peace of mind that you’ve made the most out of your space and budget. 

When you kaboodle your built-in laundry, you can kick back in the knowledge that you’ve made the most of every last inch of available space – and that your room is that perfect blend of clever ideas and stunning aesthetics.

From gathering inspiration online to building your laundry to adding that final door handle, the journey to a beautiful laundry renovation is streamlined. Take care of the entire process with us, and choose from the latest laundry cabinets, sink cupboards and more. 

Get your surfaces sparkling brighter than that load of whites. Choose from modern materials and combine them with your favourite pull out laundry cupboards and doors and panels. Every colour and finish is down to you, which means building a custom laundry room to your exact tastes is easier than you imagined. 

Start today. Get inspired by stylish laundry designs with kaboodle’s 3D planning tools and selection of contemporary colour ideas, then get creative with the build.

Visualise what your laundry could look like with our 3D planner

Visualising what the space could look like before it’s built can be hard, especially when it’s a DIY project. With the 3D planner, you don’t have to imagine. Use the kaboodle 3D planner to discover the variety of options available with just the click of your mouse. Plan out the space, then mix and match cabinets, benchtops, colours and handles until you have developed the perfect design for your home.

Can’t wait to get started?

Who would have thought the laundry could be this much fun? If you’re ready to plan, select, create and enjoy your beautiful laundry designs, then we’re ready to help. With our handy tools, even the novice DIY-er can achieve flawless results. Browse the kaboodle website or visit Bunnings Warehouse for laundry cupboards and accessories, and get in touch with our friendly team if you need any assistance.