DIY July masterclass mini series

Kaboodle has partnered with DIY enthusiasts from around Australia to showcase a range of fun projects that you can do at home to transform your space. 

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discover these DIY secrets…

In this masterclass series, you’ll learn how to:

  • easily create a cohesive look from your kitchen to your living room using paint your own doors                          
  • create a stylish floating shelving solution by using benchtop offcuts                                                                       
  • transform your existing kitchen island into a statement feature by attaching timber contours                              
  • maximise functional space with a side mount pull out bin – the perfect integrated storage solution                     

project one

kitchen island revamp with Porta Timber

Looking to add some texture and warmth to your kitchen? Using timber contours and updating your benchtop is a great way to make a big impact with minimal effort!

project two

sustainability update to kitchen bin storage

Our resident DIY expert Cam will walk you through upgrading your kitchen bin to an integrated waste bin from kaboodle. You can achieve this project in a matter of hours and make it easy to separate plastics, compost or green waste.

project three

repurpose material into stylish floating shelves

In this mini masterclass, Rachael from Front Porch Properties will show you how to create stylish floating shelves with offcuts from timber benchtops. Rachael is a renovation expert and will be sharing all of the tricks to create a designer look from your offcuts!

project four

paint your own doors to revive a living space

Meet the team behind My Kind of Bliss as they walk you through how they refreshed their living room with the kaboodle paint your own door range. Get the best advice on how to spray panels yourself at home as well as built-in storage installation tips.

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