kitchen cabinet legs - cylinder matte black
kitchen cabinet legs - cylinder matte black  1

150mm black cylinder leg

Our affordable cabinet legs are sleek and sophisticated, creating an elegant feature for your cabinets. Blending modern design with a minimal aesthetic, they’re well suited to contemporary kitchens. You simply can’t go wrong with an enduring black style – extend the life of your furniture with our cylinder legs and stand the test of time, both visually and functionally.

Always remember when installing your cabinet legs to place the base plate over the edge of the side panel to ensure the weight of the cabinet is distributed evenly.

We’ve made your DIY home improvement project easy by providing you with piece-by-piece accessories to bring your dream home to life. Got a vision but don’t have the execution? Request a consultation with a Bunnings Kitchen Expert, or attend a Kitchen event in your local area. Ask us for design inspiration when it comes to your cabinet legs and contact us on

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