15L+2x20L in drawer pullout bin


15L+2x20L in drawer pullout bin

The 15L+2x20L is designed for use in a pullout drawer and will suit our 900mm timber or metal sided drawers. Featuring a base tray which holds three individual bins with an overall capacity of 55L (15L x 2 + 20L), plus a recess in the tray for storing bin bags (please note, bin bags are not included). Each bin has its own handle for easy removal, and the 15L bin includes a carbon filter to assist in odour elimination. You’ll also get coloured stickers (yellow, green, red and blue) which you can adhere to the bin lids making it easy to identify what’s inside without having to open the lid.

It also comes with the Kaboodle 5 Year Warranty. Refer to the Warranty Statement for full terms & conditions.


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