Corner Pantry Cabinet


Corner Pantry Cabinet

Take full advantage of your kitchen space with a corner pantry cabinet, perfect for all your storage needs. With the ability to adjust the inner shelves, you’re in complete control of how you design and organise your space.

Our corner pantry comes with solid 16mm backs and 4 adjustable shelves with shelf supports. The cabinet has also been tested and certified to the stringent requirements of the Australian Furnishings Research and Development Institution (AFRDI). 

Hide tall items, store small appliances and keep extra room for all those jars and breakfast cereals. Our corner pantry cabinet provides easy access to all areas, making it the ideal storage solution. But we also offer a wide range of additional cabinets to ensure all your storage needs are covered.

Note: actual cabinet size is smaller than 1000mm, however, a 1000mm space is required to fit this cabinet due to the gap left at the back of the cabinet to help fit in uneven walls.

When to use a corner pantry cabinet

While you may not use a corner pantry cabinet in every kitchen, they are a great way to maximise space and storage, especially in a small space. Corner pantry cabinets work best as part of a run of tall cabinets, like an oven tower or a fridge cabinet. They are also extremely versatile and can be used in a laundry or even your bathroom to store larger items like brooms, mops, buckets and more.

Interested in installing a pantry but don’t have a corner to utilise? Check out our range of pantry cabinets available in different sizes that can suit your kitchen, laundry, bedroom or home office space.

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