Mottled blue-blacks and earthy greys make up this stunning stone-like colour. Pair it with black doors or fittings for a striking combination. 

  • Available in lengths up to 3.6 metres
  • Available in 38mm thick or 20mm ultra-thin
  • Profiles and widths available:
    Compact radius: 600mm & 900mm widths
    Square edge: 300-1300mm customisable widths
    (option of double-sided laminate for waterfall ends)
  • It also comes with our kaboodle 10 year warranty

Available in: ultra thin 20mm compact radius, 38mm compact radius, ultra thin 20mm square edge, 38mm square edge


  • Kaboodle kitchens benchtops compact radius soyanut
    compact radius

Extended lead time
Allow extended delivery times of 14 working days for benchtops.


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