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As has been already mentioned, part of your home is about to turn into a worksite. For a lot of DIYers this will be the first time they have undertaken a project of this size – here are some tips on keeping a safe working area…

flat pack kitchen project management - keeping a safe working area in your kitchen
Keep a safe working area.

Be aware: You will probably be working with others; family members, friends and at stages other tradesmen. When you are working, make sure you know where they are at all times. Be really aware of who enters your work area. Keep children and pets away, consciously scan your work area from time to time to look for hazards and dangers. If you stay aware you can prevent accidents and injuries.

Keep it clean: A clean workspace is a safe workspace. Once you are finished with tools, keep them out of the way and put them in a safe place. Tools on the ground, power cords and multi-plugs – there are a whole heap of things that can cause slips and trips. The same goes with anything sharp or any dangerous materials – you want them tucked away from little hands!

Light it up: It always pays to have your work area really well lit. The more visibility you have, the less chance there is for accidents.

DIY can be dangerous, as our article on Personal Protective Equipment  shows, but if you pay attention and keep a clean work area then it’s easy to minimise hazards.

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