design and project support

Kaboodle trade division is dedicated to helping our customers manage their projects from concept to completion. Our experienced team is readily available to help you with your design, choose the right products and manage your project every step of the way. 

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on-site consultations

Kaboodle trade division’s design and project support team can meet with you on site to discuss your design ideas, get an understanding of the scope of works required and create the best solution for your space. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the kaboodle range of joinery and hardware options.

During your on-site consultation, our team will accurately measure your site and provide detailed advice on what layouts will best suit the available space. We’ll explore the benefits of kaboodle’s modular and customisable options and how we can maximise functionality within your space.

Our team has the flexibility to meet you on-site, in the home or in the office. We’ll discuss lead times, provide advice on colour schemes and work towards the best solution for you.

free design service

We offer a free design service to PowerPass holders where our dedicated designers have the ability to bring your ideas to life within 72 hours. If we are unable to meet with you on-site, our designers can turn your hand written drawings into detailed plans, elevations and 3D renders (provided there are sufficient measurements); giving you an accurate visual of what your project will look like.

Simply fill in the below online form and our team will be in touch!

By using our design service, we’ll shorten your lead times with our fast design turnaround and product list. When you receive your design, we’ll give you a full and detailed price list for all joinery and hardware, including benchtops. We have the flexibility to prioritise projects according to your needs and we are able to mark up or alter plans if any changes need to be made.

project management

When you work with the kaboodle trade division, you get access to support from the initial concepts right to the finish line and beyond.

After your order is placed, we’ll work in the background to keep track of your products and ensure your lead times are met. If there are any delays or issues, we’ll go that extra mile to find a solution.

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We’re with you the whole way. Contact the Kaboodle Trade Team to see how we can support you on your next project today.